Scentsicles Review

Want an addition to your house for the holiday?!! This company has car fragrances, wreath fragrance, tree ornaments and other great gift ideas to make your house smell and feel great. I really like this idea bc i like the smell of of pine and fir during the holidays.

Some facts:

ScentSicles are the first scented ornaments that effectively and authentically make any Christmas tree smell fresh-cut. Headquartered in Atlanta and made in the United States, ScentSicles are crafted from natural fibers from sustainable resources that have been infused with pure fragrance oil -- offering an authentic, simple and mess-free way to enhance the scent of the holidays. Simply hang from tree branches, place in your car or tuck in wreaths or garland.

ScentSicles      Scented Ornaments: Simply hang on a Christmas tree to make it smell fresh-cut and feel like Christmas.

Products:        Scented Sprigs (NEW): Tuck discreetly into garland, wreaths and centerpieces to bring the scent of Christmas throughout your home.

AutoSticks (NEW): Hide or hang in your car to make it smell as if you just drove off the tree lot.

Decorative Ornaments (NEW): Add sparkle and fragrance with our new decorative beaded hangers and ScentSicles scented ornaments.
Retailers:        ScentSicles are sold in over 22,000 stores seasonally including Wal-Mart, Michaels, The Home Depot, Target, Lowe’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond -- as well as year round at and    
·         White Winter Fir
·         Christmas Time Spruce
·         It’s a Wonderful Pine
·         Snow Berry Wreath
·         Two Dashes of Cinnamon

Suggested        Scented Ornaments: $7.99
Pricing:           Scented Sprigs: $7.99
Auto sticks: $4.99
Decorative ornaments: $9.99              
I recieved these products in exchange for an unbiased review.


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