Fete Home Adjustable Wine Aerator Review

Most Versatile Wine Aerator Available
   - 7 Selectable Aeration Level Settings
   - Matures young wines instantly
   - Allows for Immediate, On Demand Decanting for Enhanced Flavor.
   - Breaks down harsh young tannins for a smoother more enjoyable flavor
   - Triggers evaporation of compounds, such as sulfates, that inhibit oxidation and do not add to taste
   - Integrated Aeration Intake Removes the Need for External Tubes
   - Built In Acrylic Strainer Filters Out Sediment
   - High Quality Stainless Steel Selection Band
   - Bonus Drip Stand And Travel Pouch Included
   - Easy to Clean - Just Rinse And Let Air Dry

I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.


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