KeepCool wine chiller Review


KeepCool is the Choice of Wine Enthusiasts, developed with wine lovers in mind, it keeps your Bottle Cool from the Inside; Every Time you use it, so you Have More Time to Enjoy your Wine.
KeepCool maintains Pre-chilled White, Rose and Sparkling Wines fresh for longer and Reds at their Perfect Drinking Temperature without watering them down.
- It lets your wine Gently Breathe enhancing its Natural Flavours. 
- It lets you Pour your Wine Neatly without removing the chiller. 
- It is Easy to Use: screw the Pourer-Aerator onto the Chilling Rod and slide into the bottle. 
- It is Easy to Clean: just rinse it with clear water.
- It is Built to Last: KeepCool is a Beautifully Crafted Chiller, Aerator and Pourer manufactured under the strictest quality controls, it is simply the Finest Wine Chiller you can find.
Your KeepCool features:
- a Guaranteed LEAK PROOF 304 STAINLESS STEEL chilling rod filled it with BPA free Cool Gel for slower cold release. 
- a Dripless Pourer-Aerator made of Food Grade Clear Resin and Silicone that Fits Tightly onto the Bottle; its New Design with Larger Holes also improves wine breathing.KeepCool's Elegace will Impress your Guests. Presented in its Gift Box, it makes an Oustanding Gift for friends and family; a Birthday, father's day, Valentine's day and every other occasion.

I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.


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