Say Cheese with Krystals Giveaway

Looking for some new taste treats this spring? Krystal launched several new products that just made their iconic food THAT much more delightful. The new Cheese Lovers line of sandwiches, which features the Bacon & Cheese Krystal, a Mushroom & Swiss Krystal and the Triple Cheese Krystal (hello, yummy!), has officially taken off and we want you to get in on the goodness. To top it off, Krystal’s new Banana Pudding Milkshake features real NILLA wafers. Trust me, it’s so good. As a reminder- get there fast! These limited-time only products won’t be around forever.

Giveaway: Krystal Lovers coupons, some Krystal swag, a ‘Magic Bacon Disposable Camera’ that adds bacon graphics and silly sayings to your photos, and several snack packs of NILLA wafers. The value of this prize pack is estimated at $50. Leave a comment on why you would like to win ends 4/8

Winner of the Krystal swag is Zachary Jones.

I received this product in exchange for this post.


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