ANTI BULLY My Daughters Story

Bullying needs to be prevented everywhere especially my daughters school Spring Place Elementary in Murray County, Georgia. Bullying is very problematic in this area and gone on for years and no school or administration will do anything about it. 

Here is my daughters story. Caterina was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease and Mitral Valve Regurgitation when she was 6 year old old. Three years later she was diagnosed with two different learning disorders. Since she couldn't learn as fast as the others she was held back a grade. This is where the bullying started. Most of the kids not all are smaller than her so she has been bullied because of her size. This one girl for the last two years has constantly harassed and bullied her. We have asked the school on several occasions to not put them in the same room. We have been up to the school several times a year. Last week I got a call saying my daughter was hurt at school. Come to find out that girl had pushed her in the back and her cousin, a boy had punched her in the stomach. Went to the principle and she told me federal law prevented me to know the punishment. Well took Caterina some lunch the next day kids were still at school. Nothing was done. Went to the head adminastration at the central office of schools he said he would talk to the principle about it and do an investigation. Get a call the next day from him and the principle didn't see it as a fight because my daughter didn't hit back. This is crazy and something needs to be done. I just want her to feel safe in school and that is not happening. 

This is an epidemic in this county and it needs to STOP! My daughter could of severely been hurt because of her heart condition. Nobody seemed to care!



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