Sandpiper Beacon Summer Time Fun!

So who can say they went to a resort and just be carefree and RELAX??!! I know I can definitely. 
 Make your stay at the Sandpiper Beacon Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida and they will take care of you. Definitely a great vacation spot.!


When you arrive at this resort they make you feel right at home, there is a schedule of events or happenings throughout your stay. If you ever anything during your stay they are really helpful.


There is so much to do at this resort ranging from the pools inside and out, grills,  hammocks, ice cream shop, playground and even a TIKI BAR! Yes you heard me right a TIKI BAR. This outside bar is even kid friendly. There is pool tables and other games for the kids to play.





There are many events at the Sandpiper Resort. Some of them include free watermelon, a Polynesian show, and many more.


Where do I start with the rooms?!! Their rooms are faboulous. They have all types of rooms ranging to simple hotel rooms, ocean view rooms, and beach houses. We had the 2 room suite and it was amazing. Plenty of room! Two separate rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

So why do I love this place?!!! Because it is AWESOME! Need I say more?! Oh yeah! It is right on the BEACH!

Check this place out!

I received this room at a discount in exchange for a post.

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