Helen Henny Birthday Celebration At Chucke Cheese

 From Friday (5/27) to Sunday (5/29), we’re celebrating Helen’s big day by offering 50% off her favorite Dippin’ Dots (Cookies & Cream), activity sheets with token coupons and a sweepstakes for the chance to win a pairof virtual reality headsets, a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones and guest passes to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

“Helen Henny Fun Facts”
1.    Helen Henny’s deep passion for music began at an early age, growing up in New York City—right down the street from Broadway!

2.    Helen is a vegetarian – no meat for this chick!

3.    Helen is a great singer, but she’s also an amazing gamer and takes pride in mastering every new game at Chuck E. Cheese’s

4.    Helen first met Chuck E. when he challenged her to a game of Pong (which of course she won!)

5.    Chuck E. invited Helen to join his band right on the spot when he heard her sing a victory song after their Pong

Helen’s Birthday Promos

         $1.50 Dippin’ Dots (Cookies’n’cream – Helen’s favorite flavor, 50% off)

•         $2 off Helen Henny plush dolls

•         Everyone gets a Helen Henny coloring sheet with 5 free token coupon when they leave

•         Helen Henny will be there to celebrate + take photos with guests at select locations

I recieved a package in exchange for this post.


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