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Design the Good Winner Graphic T-Shirt

Nothing Down About It Women's & Kid's Graphic T-Shirts
The code is NOTHING1 and it will make each women's tee $16.95 and each kid's tee $12.95, with FREE SHIPPING in the cart. The code is valid 12/14 through 12/21.
**Please note that orders placed before Friday, 12/16 at 5 PM Mountain time will ship in time for Christmas** In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the shirts will be donated to the United Angels Foundation.
Bold & Full Wednesday - 12/14/16 - Design the Good Winner: Nothing Down About It Adult & Kid Tees for $16.95 & $12.95 + FREE SHIPPING w/code NOTHING1

This shirt was designed by Oakley Peterson from Nothing Down About It:

My husband Scott and I became involved United Angels Foundation while we were dating, before we became a special needs family ourselves, and we love their mission of helping families with special needs, so that was already close to our hearts before we had Welles, our son with Down Syndrome. As a small organization, United Angels Foundation has spent years helping all special needs families cope and learn how to function in their new every day-- which is so very important and often, one the most overlooked piece in caring. Each dollar is important to them. So, from my family, thank you for helping other special needs families with your purchase of the Nothing Down About It shirt.

This design is for any family with special needs, specifically with down syndrome. it can be so hard to adjust to your new life, your new reality-but it can also be so, so beautiful. I think it is so important for new moms to have support. Especially when you're the new mom of a baby that's a little different. It doesn't mean it's going to be any easier than being a new mom, period. But I was so fortunate to have family friends around me that knew my life was in for a real treat with Welles, and I want other mothers to feel the same-whether their baby is new or 26 years old-there's nothing down about having a family member with down syndrome. 


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