Heart 2 Heart Holiday Gift Guide 2016- Children's Gifts

Crayola Art With Edge-

A line of stunning designs that will keep your creativity on the edge! 


A simple and addictive way to make sparkling 3D creations.

Tech 4 Kids Fright Factory-

Fright Factory allows kids to create frightening, gross and yucky 3D creations! Ultra safe using UV Light with Quick Cure Gel!

The Tech 4 Kids Fright Factory Creature Creator Kit Features:
  • The unit does not require any plugs or electric power because it is battery operated!

  • Through the use of EwGoo, Creepy molds and the Fright Factory Chamber, kids can create insects, reptiles, skeletons, rats.

WowWee  Lumi Gaming Drone-

Create your own air show complete with choreographed moves, perform high-flying flips and stunts and compete against friends and family in a game of rhythm and reflexes with the WowWee Lumi Gaming Drone in Blue and White.


The most innovative and transformative novelty eyewear and party glasses on the market. Their goal is to create protective UV glasses in the most outrageous, fun and unique way possible. They have glasses for all sports including basketball, hockey and soccer. With sunglasses for every occasion and holiday, their glasses are perfect for any birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday party, sporting event, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, Christmas, Hanukkah, graduation, New Years, or just because. 

Heifer International-

These huggable plush animals are adorable reminders of the difference Heifer donors make around the world. A snuggly pig, goat, cow or chick will inspire children to learn about the nutritional and economic benefits livestock provide, and they're fun to play with, too. www.heifer.org/marketplace/product/heifer-plush-animals.html

Wonderforge Games-

 Offers a number of innovative, high quality games that engage players physically, socially, and creatively.
Check these out and other games at www.wonderforge.com


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