Leading an Industry by Embracing Technology


Once a rooster crowed in the morning signaling a new day was breaking and now a cellphone rings or a gentle email notification chimes announcing a new dawn. Handheld technology has quickly taken its place among the most prolific advancements of the 21st century, and long gone are the days of actual alarm clocks, let alone crowing roosters. Cars have cameras, refrigerators can send grocery lists, and face-to-face conversations happen across oceans and time zones. Almost nothing seems impossible with technology as a trusted ally. The impact technology has on everyday life is evident, but how is it affecting business?

How can technology help a business evolve?
Businesses need to change with the times and embrace technology if they want to remain relevant. When companies latch onto cutting-edge developments, they see marked growth and projected success, whereas those who rely on antiquated techniques are fizzling into the background. It is more important than ever for businesses to adapt their operations to accommodate the ever-changing technological climate. In many cases, when companies grasp onto cutting-edge innovations it is directly proportional to the portfolio of products and services they can offer customers. However, for businesses to utilize technology, it does not necessarily mean they need to hire a full-time social media coordinator or issue tablets to a fleet of employees. It is about accepting new technologies which improve business and embracing the things that drive sales and profits, while also increasing customer satisfaction.

A Case Study in the Countertop Business
There’s one company in Atlanta, holding fast to the implementation and development of groundbreaking technology in their business, Premier Surfaces. Premier Surfaces specializes in natural stone countertop design, fabrication, and installation. Technology in the countertop business means so much more than just a tablet or Twitter account. Premier Surfaces uses technologies like a laser templating system, allowing technicians to digitally, and precisely, measure the size of a countertop area. This technique has replaced physical templating which was much more apt to human error.

Premier Surfaces also uses Slabsmith Perfect Match Technology. Slabsmith Perfect Match Technology is the newest and the most advanced technology available in the natural stone countertop fabrication process. It allows the professionals at Premier Surfaces to take high-resolution images of a natural stone slab and transfer those images to a computer. Then digital 3D renderings of a kitchen or bathroom are created. The Slabsmith Perfect Match Technology lets customers see exactly how their new natural stone slab will appear in their home or office before it is cut and fabricated. This technology ensures seams and patterns look exactly how the customer expects them to when they are installed. Premier Surfaces is the only natural stone countertop company in the area using this cutting-edge technology. Perhaps it is these types of state-of-the-art technologies which have allowed Premier Surfaces to weather the recession and show growth every year since the company’s inception in 2002. It also allows them to offer a 100% lifetime warranty on their craftsmanship.

Source: www.premiersurfaces.com
An Award in Technology
Eric Tryon, the President, and CEO of Premier Surfaces is a strong proponent of using the emerging technologies within the natural stone countertop industry. In fact, he won the 2016 Stone Fabricator of the Year by Stone World Magazine. Eric and Premier Surfaces have won many awards throughout the years, but this particular accolade is given to someone who demonstrates four distinct qualities, as cited by Stone World:
  1. Cooperation in sharing technology with the industry.
  2. Willingness to pioneer in the use of new technology.
  3. Fostering educational programs for the training of stoneworkers in industry methods.
  4. Promoting technological progress through association work.

Eric was chosen as the winner of the Stone Fabricator of the Year because he is a model of how to implement and embrace technology within his business and he encourages others in his industry to do the same.

Forward Thinking
Eric inspires an innovative spirit in all of his employees, and there are over 155 of them in four different Southeast locations. Showrooms in Atlanta, Georgia, Huntsville, Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, and Chattanooga, Tennessee host talented design consultants, well versed in the Slabsmith Perfect Match Technology. Similarly, Premier Surface installers are required to fulfill an intensive training program guaranteeing they understand the entire fabrication and installation process. Eric is always monitoring the technologies available and making sure his employees are up to date on their training, allowing Premier Surfaces to provide the be possible results.

Eric is consistently looking to the future and planning for the success of Premier Surfaces. He knows technology is a must-have if he wants to remain an industry leader and pioneer. It is Eric’s drive and innovative spirit which led him to form the RockHeads Group. The RockHeads group is an organization geared toward educating “best-in-class” fabricators with practical tips to propel the entire industry forward. It is meant to encourage everyone involved to raise the industry bar. Through organizations like the RockHead Group, Eric and his colleagues are demonstrating a vested interest in the betterment of the entire fabrication industry. Eric knows the industry cannot move forward embracing new technologies if the benchmark is not set to continue improving as a collective whole.

When choosing to work with a business, it is important to evaluate its ability to embrace the newest technologies since this can be a direct reflection of the services offered both now and in the future. Rest assured Eric and Premier Surfaces are on the cusp of innovation and they can provide the latest in trends and design.


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