Kids And Technology

Today’s children are surrounded by technology and the average household owns 7.3 screens according to a new report by ReportLinker.
This new survey answers the following questions:
  • What are the most popular devices among children: TV, tablet, smartphones or video games?
  • Do parents monitor their kids’ usage and how?
  • What do parents think of this easy access to technology ?
Will Television be defeated by tablets?
  • Children are still mostly drawn to television as it remains the most popular device used by them at home, with 62% of mentions, followed by tablets (47%), smartphones (39%) and video game consoles (38%).
  • Among children aged 10 and younger, tablets are the favorite device and 58% of children aged 5 or younger use them. This figure shows the device has the potential to unseat TV as favorite for future generations.
Parents’s monitoring, where is the limit?
  • Although half of all parents say they limit device use to two hours a day, 45% of those who allow devices in the bedrooms say their children use them from three to five hours per day
  • 62% of parents say their kids spend three or more hours using a smartphone
  • 57% say their children spend more than three hours a day playing video games
  • 83% of parents recognize the importance of keeping an eye on the content their children are watching
  • And 46% of parents who allow their children to use electronics before falling asleep are surprisingly more likely not to activate the parental supervision on all their devices
Does technology ruin the essence of childhood ?
  • 19% of parents who don’t allow electronics in the bedroom believe technology ruins the essence of childhood
  • Almost a third of all parents (31%)  believe their children are more isolated because they have fewer social interactions
  • Also, 4 out of 10 parents believe technology promotes school readiness and cognitive development
To see all the survey results click here.


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