9 Dream Closet Ideas

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If you’ve seen the movie, “Sex and The City”, you know that Carrie always loves a huge closet full of gorgeous handbags, beautiful dresses and of course, her amazing shoes. I think we all have watched that movie and just swooned over how organized, detailed and stunning her closet is. In fact, I may even try and think of how I can make my closet look just as nice as hers! Today I’m sharing 10 Dream Closet ideas with you all in hopes that it can spark some interest and ideas on how you want to create your own closet today, tomorrow or sometime in the near future.
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  1. Counter Tops- Nothing sets apart a closet in my mind then dreamy counter tops. My favorite counter tops are from Premier Surfaces which is a local countertop company here in Atlanta, GA. They create gorgeous granite, marble, limestone tabletops for all your remodeling needs! Having white marble counter tops in a closet just adds elegance and class to your closet
  2. Add Some Lighting - The light from a sparkling hanging fixture bounces off a shimmery petal pink ceiling, while glass shoe shelves mounted in front of pink damask wallpaper provide a beautiful focal point. Can’t you just picture it? Lighting really gives your closet a romantic or bold feel, depending on what you’d like. Think lighting in cabinets or showcasing your favorite purses. Don’t forget that gorgeous chandelier you want to put up!
  3. Mirror- I’ve seen all sorts of closets with different types of mirrors. My dream closet would have mirrors on the outside of the long cabinet drawers so I can twirl around in my dresses and see it from all angles! Other closets just have one large mirror to continue to play dress up in front of!
  4. Storage - A closet isn’t a true closet unless you have lots of great storage! I’m thinking drawers not only for your undergarments but for your jewelry as well! This is what will make your closet extremely functional and easy to access everything you need.
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  1. His And Hers - I’ve seen several couples who share a large closet want to each have their own area. I love even the idea of having a ‘his’ and ‘her’ island to help keep things in their place instead of just where your clothes are hung.
  2. Seating - Thinking of your closet like a room, it can be tiresome to try and think of all your different outfit choices. Why not add some seating to your closet to make you and possible guests that want to visit your favorite room, comfortable? I love oversized chairs or chaz's full of soft cozy pillows to curl up in. Who knows, maybe napping in a closet is in my future too.
  3. Personal Touches - For me, I love a closet that has a bit of what I adore. Adding a few books about fashion, personal pictures of family and friends gives it a more relatable touch. I also love hanging large, bold pictures to make the closet feel a bit like you’re walking in a store.
  4. Dressing Table- Plenty of closets have islands, but I love one that has a built-in dressing table as well – just the thing for coordinating wardrobe and makeup. This dressing table can also be placed either in the center of the closet or off to the side near a large window. Playing dress up should be a one stop shop so having this is key.
  5. Color Choices - I love a closet that has more of a spa like feel to it. Think of colors like soft blues, greys, whites and beiges to give the room a lot of warmth. I’m inspired by other closets that are a more bolder color such as reds, greens, yellows and purples that add such a great statement when you walk in. Adding these color choices you can even mix and match your soft blues with a bold red painting!

There are so many different ways for you to create and dream of your own closet one day! I would love to hear more about how you would design your own!

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