Beauty Products to Perfect Your Pool Day

Maintaining a healthy beauty regime is necessary for individuals who want to spend their summer outdoors.

Lounging outside while concurrently soaking up the sweet Georgia sunshine is nothing short of bliss. Whether you are stretched out and relaxed with an interesting book or if you have a tropical umbrella drink in your hand as you float soundlessly on the crystal blue waters of a swimming pool, spending time in the sun is the epitome of a summertime paradise. When you spend time under the sun’s powerful light, it is of the upmost importance to protect your skin and hair from its UVA and UVB rays.

There are several beauty products to improve and protect your skin and hair and help them look as refreshed and beautiful as you feel on the internally. Consider these the equivalent of a delicious and refreshing umbrella drink for your hair.

Sunscreen is hands down the most important beauty product in your makeup regime. No matter what time of year it is, you always need to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Make sure you pay particular attention delicate skin areas like your face, décolleté area, and shoulders. Overexposure to UVA and UVB can cause skin dryness, premature wrinkling, and sunspots. The result is older looking, aged skin. To help combat these results here are 12 of the Best Sunscreens for Your Face According to Elle Editors.

After-sun Moisturizer is pivotal to keeping skin supple and vibrant. Most after-sun moisturizers are lightly scented and infused with soothing aloe vera, which has a cooling effect. Many have other active ingredients to revive skin, like nourishing shea and cocoa butter, producing a more balanced hydration level.

Heat Protectant Sprays and Oils work wonders on your locks, and they are the first line of defense to keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy, even if you spend lots of time in the sun. InStyle composed a list of their Favorite 7 Products to Protect Your Hair from the Sun this Summer, which is full of ways to negate the negative ramifications the sun can have on natural or synthetic hair.

Lip Balm is essential if burnt, sun-baked lips are not on your Summer wish list this year. Glosses are highly reflective and cause chaffing, so be cognizant and try to stay away from them when you spend more than a couple of hours in direct sunlight. According to Allure, balms are thicker and adhere better, plus they are less glossy and will not dry out your lips. Here are their suggestions for The Best Lip Balms (with SPF) to Wear in the Sun.


Keep lips silky soft by caring for them with lip balm when you plan on spending time outdoors.

Water is not necessarily a beauty product, but it is a must-have for mavens interested in keeping their skin youthful and glowing, while simultaneously soaking up some rays. The recommendations for daily water intake vary between 8 and 12 glasses but the message is transparent; water is paramount for proper hydration, muscle performance, and skin rejuvenation and appearance.

Now that you have all the proper skin and hair care to enhance your time in the sun, all you need is the perfect place to relax outdoors and what better place to show of your new makeup routine, than next to a new above ground pool? Ideal for backyard entertaining and personal relaxation, an above ground pool in your backyard is crucial to fully embrace the hot summer sun.  


You always turn to the beauty experts, the makeup artists, and the beauticians for skin and hair care advice and when purchasing and installing an above ground pool you want to trust the experts just the same. Rec Warehouse is the largest and most trusted reseller of above ground pools in the Southeast. With high-quality products at affordable prices, Rec Warehouse is known for “selling fun for less.” There are three Atlanta-area showroom locations each merchandised to aid customers as they discover all the potential benefits of installing an above ground pool on their property.

If you shop at one of the brick and mortar locations in Norcross, Jonesboro, or Kennesaw, Georgia, you will find a staff of expertly-trained individuals committed to providing you the highest level of customer service. Each employee is equipped with year’s worth of above ground pool knowledge. They will make the purchasing decisions easy by taking you step-by-step through the process of identifying the proper size, shape, and location for your new above ground pool. The employees will also guide you through the accessory and maintenance decisions which include, filters, chemicals, covers, liners, ladders, and even pool toys.

Equip yourself with all the summer must-haves, including a new above ground pool and the skin and hair care essentials to keep you looking and feeling beautiful all season long. 

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