Killykite, Environmentally Friendly Bags and Clothing


Killykite is a new brand that produces environmentally friendly bags and clothing, by recycling kitesurf sailing materials. The products are designed for wind, sea, sail sports and eco-fashion lovers.
The main products feature is that they are all unique pieces, hand-made in Italy: every cloth or bag are not equal to an other one, if you buy a KillyKite product you’re buying a kind piece, that no one else would ever have.

Kitesurfing has lived a crazy technological evolution; infact old sails not have a market anymore and the material is send for landfill. Our mission is to give it a second life, so our products are eco-sustainable.

Material: DACRON® is a technologically advanced material. It is lightweight, waterproof and tear resistant, and even very beautifully aesthetically. It's so light that you might hold it in your pocket, a very handy feature if you want to travel without having extra space in your suitcase.


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