Five Interior Design Tips for Maximizing Space

Small homes have charm, warmth, and comfort but have you ever decided to host a party only to look around your house and realize you do not have the space to accommodate all your guests? Have you ever had the sensation of claustrophobia while sitting with your family on the couch in the family room because the walls seem to cave into the tiny space? Occupying a little space can pose a unique set of challenges from storage to entertaining you need to look at everything with a fresh, creative perspective. Manipulating the space can give the illusion of a larger area, but it is also essential to create flow with ingenuity and multifunctional pieces.

Here are five interior design tips to help you maximize space and give your house the feeling of more room and comfort:

  1. Utilize multifunctional furniture. Furniture which works in several different ways is not only utilitarian but also preserves space. The concept of creating storage where it otherwise did not exist or creatively manipulating an area for a purpose never before imagined, is not new. Think back to the time of the Murphy bed, a stowaway hanging bed which hides within a wall. Murphy beds still have a functional benefit for tiny apartments and bedrooms, especially guestrooms which need to double as an office or family space but now many designers are helping homeowners maximize space with furniture lines explicitly designed with space maximization in mind. Ottomans with storage, collapsible coffee tables, and drop-leaf consoles all serve several purposes. Check out these 30 Multifunctional Furniture Ideas for Small Apartments to get your wheels turning.
  2. Perception is reality. Mirrors are illusionists which make a room look larger when placed with purpose. Strategically putting them throughout a small room will create more light and the illusion of more space. Clustering mirrors together on a wall is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also is an artistic and more cost-effective way to deceive the eye. Hanging a mirror on the wall behind a stove will lighten up an otherwise dark space and give your kitchen the feel of a much grander area.
  3. Open up everything to the outdoors. In the same manner that mirrors create an illusion of space, windows also open up a tiny living area. Create continuity with nature by minimizing window fixtures, opening up blinds, and using greenery for decoration indoors. Bringing the outdoors inside and using the expansiveness of a natural environment helps people feel a more at ease when they are in a small setting.

Natural light will make a cramped space feel more substantial. By bringing plants inside it adds natural elements and progression from the outdoors to the interior of a home.

  1. Create hidden built-in shelving. Storage is always prized space for homeowners. There seems to always be a shortage of it when you need it most. However, no one wants to sacrifice livable areas to pack way their boxes. When you are living in a tight space it is essential to create opportunities for storage in unexpected places. One area of the home often overlooked is beneath the stairs. This otherwise wasted space serves as a perfect hiding place for items which need to be tucked away. You can harness area over a toilet for additional shelving in a bathroom.
  2. Use the wall space. Let the walls in your home pull double duty and provide even more functional use, by using them to hang your television. Lifting your T.V. off a bulk piece of furniture allows for more floor space but it also lifts eyes diverting attention to a more spacious part of the room.


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