Jacksonville’s Biggest Celebrity Names

Jacksonville’s Biggest Celebrity Names

Jacksonville, Florida is one of the most interesting and culturally rich cities in the South, and anyone who has ever been there can vouch for that.  However, what many people may not know is that Jacksonville is also a big music city. Many legendary bands and musicians got their start in Jacksonville, and the city continues to attract musicians to this day.

One of the first Jacksonville musicians to make it big was Ray Charles.  Charles started his career by playing shows in Jacksonville, and eventually expanded to playing in larger markets.  After Charles’s success, more and more blues artists began performing in Jacksonville, both locals and newcomers. The Jacksonville music scene picked back up in the late 1960s, when bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band hit the scene with their quintessential southern rock sound.  Songs like “Midnight Rider” and “Free Bird” really captured the essence of the genre, and some of the greatest songs of all time were written during this era.  

The Jacksonville music scene picked back up in the 1990s, and several Jacksonville bands saw mainstream success.  Nu-metal group Limp Bizkit exploded out of the Jacksonville scene after the release of their third studio album, “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water”, and it seemed like you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing a Limp Bizkit song.  To this day, many alt-rock stations continue to spin the band’s songs, solidifying their status as one of Jacksonville’s most successful bands. Following Limp Bizkit’s mainstream breakthrough, another Jacksonville band, pop-punk outfit Yellowcard, saw international success with their hit single “Ocean Avenue”, and since then several other Jacksonville bands have managed to make it big.

Although Jacksonville is largely recognized as a music city, many actors and other celebrities call Jacksonville home.  Famous football player and former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow has a home in Jacksonville, as well as Jack Youngblood, former pro football player for the Los Angeles Rams.  Twilight actress Ashley Greene is from Jacksonville, as well as actor, comedian, and radio personality Rick Dees. Stock car racer LeeRoy Yarbrough, pro golfer David Duval, and former Major League Baseball player Chipper Jones are all from Jacksonville as well.  People looking at Jacksonville homes for sale would be surprised to hear just how many of their favorite celebrities are from the area!

For aspiring musicians headed to Jacksonville for a chance to play where some of the greats once played, or just listen to some live music, the opportunities are endless.  Blue Jay Listening Room is half bar, half music venue where patrons can come check out bands and musicians in an intimate setting.  1904 Music Hall is another popular Jacksonville venue to catch both local and touring acts. Whatever kind of music you’re into, the Jacksonville music scene has something for you to check out.

Jacksonville is a city that practically breeds talent of all kinds, which is apparent in the amount of musicians, actors, and athletes that have achieved mainstream success out of the city.  I highly recommend visiting Jacksonville and seeing what all the hype is about for yourself!


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