How To Pick Out The Perfect Sewing Machine

So here you are. A brand new sewer. You’re so excited and can hardly contain your joy of putting together your own pieces. But here comes the tricky part- picking out a sewing machine! There are so many different options of machines on the market including a mechanical or computerized or sometimes a mix of both of them. What types of features are you looking for? What different brands and most importantly, how much do they all cost?  There are so many different ways to research as well but I have a few tips to help you find the perfect one. The choice of a right sewing machine really depends on your needs and your budget, however you also are some essentials and useful features that ou should check before making the big leap and purchasing one. 
So what are these tips you’re wondering? I’m sharing my top 5 with you today in hopes to inspire, encourage and motivate you to go out and find the one that’s perfect for you. 
  1. Look at dealers - There are so many online offers or special chain stores that have some great options for you to look at. Keep in mind, in a shop specialized sewing machine staff will help you to solve every problem and help you find the right one for you and your budget. They will show you how the machine works and how give you a lot of advice to get started. You can get your questions answered right away and not have to wait on the phone for someone to answer on a simple answer. 
Image: Sewing machine 
  1. Check Online/Local Stores  - One well known and trust company that offers a strong variety of sewing machines out there is run by a family in the Atlanta area. This company is called Sewing Machine. The company has a variety of embroidery, printing equipment and supplies as well as all the sewing machine products and machines you could look at! They have 2 location located in the Atlanta and West Point areas. In addition to equipment and supplies, they also offer parts of machines for old and new ones as well as repairment to handle any repairs your own machine might need. If you’re feeling ambitious or nervous, they even offer classes to get you started or help you achieve a tough task. Their customer service is always available to help answer any questions you may have.
  2. Thread Tension Setting - This is an extremely important thing to look at when picking out a sewing machine because you are working with different materials and thickness. Your first pieces are going to be very simple for sure and you don’t worry about the function in the beginning stages. However, as you keep going along, you’ll want to jump into new and more complex sewing projects such as a sweatshirt, coat or jacket. Looking at a sewing machine that that has this particular thread tension helps you get the perfect stitch every time even if the thickness of your fabric changes. It gives your projects a professional finish that you’re looking for. 
  3. Buttonhole Setting - When checking out a sewing machine, make sure to see if it has a 1-step automatic buttonhole or a 4-step. If you think about, a cheap machine has a 4-step classic buttonhole setting, while more expensive one has a 1-step. The automatic buttonhole setting is not really essential but it’s extremely useful. Have a shopkeeper show you and then decide if it could be a must-have for you or not. 
A sewing machine with these features and more could cost you a lot of money but it will help you for years. If you buy an all-round machine you won’t feel the need to change it for a while and you can open yourself up to your creativity right from the beginning. You’ll already have all the essentials setting to create the garments of your dreams. Once you have your chosen sewing machine, check out which foots are included as well.


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