3 Easy Panel Saws For New Woodworkers

As a new woodworker you are limited on the space you have for your equipment, at least, that’s a concern of most people when they are looking to purchase one for their shop or garage. When choosing a vertical panel saw for instance, you’re wondering how large you can have it because most of them have a depth of 18 inches from the wall to the front of the base when they are fully assembled. The total work space from the wall to standing in front of the saw itself is about 3 feet. You’ll also want to keep in mind that you’ll need additional width for loading your plywood sheets on either side as well as room to take a couple of steps in front of the saw while you operate the cutting head.

This particular saw is best suited for those woodworkers that want to rip half sheets before bed sheet plywood or even with the extension kit. Having all that comes with a hefty price tag however. Those that are looking to add a show wood shop in their shed or garage I have a few of the best panel saws to help you update your shop if needed!
Image: Saw Trax
  1. Classic Vertical Panel Saw - This affordable portable panel saw is from a company called Saw Trax and come around the $1500 price range. IT’s a little bit more accurate than some of the cheaper portable models under thousand dollars, mostly because it has exclusive steel sealed bearings that make the carriage movement easy and precise. It has a patented set and forget Accu Square alignment system that is a guarantee to never go out of square. The company takes great pride in their workmanship and manufacturing. They even go as far as to say they are one of the best in the business when it comes to cutting accuracy and cutting had alignment so you know it’s a worth the price. The individuals that work within the company are always willing to help and answer any questions or concerns you may have with any of their products. They take pride on this particular panel saw and a popular favorite among their customers.

  1. The Milwaukee 6480- This is a 20 vertical panel saw that features a 50 inch cross cut that is easy to use, plus it’s durable and manufactured in the United States. It has rigid steel frame, the square tubing is electrically welded to prevent any warping or twisting that may occur that can occur after years of use. It also comes with a circular saw blade, blade ranch and weighs about a hundred and 75 pounds in it’s shipping package plus a five year warranty. It is one of the highest rated panel saw under $200 on Amazon. The one great thing about this particular panel saw is that it can be loaded from either the right or the left, instead of limited to one entry side only.
  1. Power Maddock 151-007- This is a higher in vertical panel saw that features stainless steel rods with eight roller bearings for smooth and accurate cuts. Dual 4 inch dust ports support much better dust collection for cleaner work and keeping your work areas clean and safe visually. This unit also features a nylon brush surrounding the blade for better visibility and less debris in and around the cutterhead. Solid aluminum rollers with additional support brackets offer smooth transport of loading and unloading sheets of your desired material onto the rack. Much like the other vertical panel saws in this list, the power Maddock saw motor rotates in its carriage for added versatility. This carriage is more in line with industrial and commercial standards, and has no problems cutting full-size pieces of plywood in bulk.

I never realized how many various panel saws there are for the woodworking business! With so many choices to pick, these saws seems to the best ones are the market at the time. Continue to keep checking various websites and companies to find the best prices you can for these panel saws to help improve your business and your work. Having these panel saws, although large machines, are essential to keeping you creating and working with some of the best machines out there.


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