Tips to Take Your Tailgate to the Next Level

The start of football season is upon us and fans near and far are gearing up to cheer for their favorite high school, college, and professional team. For most, the central gathering place will be the pre-game tailgate and we are sharing tips to help take yours to the next level.
Fall is for so much more than just chunky sweaters, booties, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. One of the most notable fixtures of the season is the football games which seem to occupy the screens of bars and restaurants nationwide, every Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When football is on television, die-hard fandom is sure to follow. People start wearing jerseys, singing fight songs, and becoming best friends or worst enemies with fans from rival teams. 

The tailgating culture has deep roots throughout America and each region and state imparts their own touch to the event meant to raise excitement for the upcoming game. In Memphis you will likely find smokers on full blast pumping out the scrumptious scents of smoked pork covered in dry rub, in New Orleans they will be serving up some spicy cajun-style entrees with local seafood, like these mini muffulettas, and in California fresh varieties of healthier options, like hummus, are always a staple on the menu. But no matter what is on the menu, there are several ways to help you and your friends and family elevate the pregame experience. Here are some tips to take your tailgate to the next level:
  1. Location, location, location. Tailgating is a communal activity, with foot traffic moving around and about a centralized hub, which is why the precise place you choose to set up shop matters significantly. Pick a place with easy access to restrooms, a place to set up a food station and grill area, and plenty of space to loiter around and play games like cornhole or washers. 
Pro Tip: Set up the tailgate near a power outlet so you can run electricity to a TV and a litany of crockpots. It will help keep the party rocking until long after the final touchdown is scored.  
  1. Dress for the occasion. To truly get in the spirit of the competition, you need to dress the part. Put on your favorite team jersey, hat, or jacket. Add a temporary tattoo, some eye black, face paint, or hair dye to stand out even more. 
  1. Create an ambiance. You are not the only one who needs to dress up for the big game. Amping up your space with game-day decorations will entice more people to stop by and celebrate with you. Paper plates, napkins, table clothes, banners, and tents sporting your preferred team’s logo bring a sense of community to likeminded individuals who stand in solidarity with you as fellow fans. 
  1. Cook up a feast. One of the most anticipated aspects of a tailgate is most certainly the food spread. From BBQ grilled delights to cheesy dips and sauces, no one can say, “no” to the tantalizing aromas of unheart-healthy treats which fill the air on game day. Menus inspired by the opposing team’s hometown provide a chance for at-home chefs and barbeque masters alike to show off their creativity in the kitchen. And do not forget to have plenty of frothy beverages on hand to cool down fans and quench their thirst before the captains meet at centerfield to flip a coin. If you are looking for some additional inspiration these 50 Easy Tailgate Food Ideas for the Best Game Day Ever, from Country Living are excellent thought starters. 
  1. Treat your car with care. The love for your team may be the reason which prompted you to tailgate in the first place but your vehicle gives you a means for celebration. The very term “tailgate” is based on the idea of opening up the bed of a pickup truck and eating and drinking there prior to kickoff. While we all may not drive a pickup, having a vehicle which performs at is peak is important for a great tailgate. Clean out the trunk and make sure everything is working as it should before you arrive to cheer on your team. 
When it comes to service and maintenance on a car, truck, van, or SUV you only want to trust the best. D.W. Campbell Tire & Auto Service Center in Kennesaw, Georgia is leading the pack in integrity, trust, and expertise. If you are planning on tailgating in Athens, Atlanta, or taking your party on the road to Talladega or even Nashville or Knoxville, first stop by D.W. Campbell Tire & Auto Service Center to guarantee everything on your vehicle is running with optimum performance and efficiency. Then throw on your team’s jersey and some eye black and drive to your tailgate party to cheer for every down and tackle. 
What are some of your favorite tailgate traditions? 


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