Wonderbag-Holiday Entertaining Guide 2018

The Wonderbag is a non-electric portable slow cooker. The Wonderbag is made by hand in our factories in South Africa with sturdy polyvinyl fabric and recycled foam. The Wonderbag design allows food to be slow cooked or kept warm off of a heat source. It works in four, easy steps: Boil it, bag it, stand it and share it. To slow cook, simply bring food to the boil on a stove, let simmer, and then put the pot with its lid into your Wonderbag, cinch tightly with the drawstring, and slow cook to perfection for up to 12 hours. The Wonderbag does not require a trivet or protection for your countertops, but we do recommend a kitchen towel be placed inside below/around your pot to reduce spills and help keep your Wonderbag clean. The Wonderbag can be spot washed and hung to dry. Newer washing machines with a gentle wash cycle can also be used with cold water and minimal detergent. Hang dry or in a tumble dryer on a low temperature setting.

More Details and Best Practices: https://www.wonderbagworld.com/how-it-works/
The Wonderbag Cookbook online: https://www.wonderbagworld.com/recipes/
Our Pinterest with even more recipes! https://www.pinterest.com/thewonderbag/wonderbag-recipes/?lp=true

The Wonderbag also works to keep cold food cold (!), it has been tested by Pfizer and other corporate partners to out-perform many coolers on the market with its natural cold retention properties. Great for picnics with wine or ice cream, transporting a cold dish in the car or boat. 


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