Creative Ways To Celebrate Success

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about how we never celebrate our success and accomplishments. When we achieve a goal and/or reach a big milestone in our lives, instead of taking time out of our day to celebrate our success, we typically focus on the next milestone that we want to reach.

While this does seem like the most productive option, it’s actually pretty detrimental to our future success. When we do not take a break to relax after a huge milestone and we just keep marching on, we will eventually get burnt out, and well, exhausted. If you never get to celebrate your success and pause to reflect on what you have achieved, you will inevitably fail, eventually, down the road.

I believe we should we celebrating big and small successes and accomplishments. Even things as small as good hair days and learning to do something new. This means that big accomplishments need to be celebrated, as well. Promotions, retirements, sports successes, and more.

But, since most people are not used to celebrating success, a lot do not know how to celebrate. Very Well Mind says, “People move through their lives never celebrating success because they often don't recognize when they have been successful. Our personal definition of success greatly influences our perception of self and the meanings we place on our experiences. Developing your authentic and personalized definition of success is key when talking about healthy ways to celebrate.” So, I wanted to help those that do not know how to celebrate success by putting together list short list on creative ways to celebrate success. Let’s jump right in to the deets:

Creative Ways To Celebrate Success

Plan a trip
If you can spend time away, try planning a trip to unwind. This will allow you to rest, relax, and recharge, while you celebrate. It doesn’t really matter where you go - maybe you only have a long weekend free and you decide to drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Asheville, North Carolina, or maybe you have a week to spend away and you decide to take a flight out of ATL and head over to Italy for a bucket list trip. Either way, you deserve it!

Reflecting on your success, as well as on the time leading up to your success is extremely important. I highly recommend writing it all down, as well. This will allow you to see what you did right and what you could have done better and it will allow you to continue growing as you move on to your next journey. Maybe you can even ask co-workers, family members, or teammates what you did right and what you could improve on. This way, you get constructive criticism so that you can grow and improve.

Remember Your Success
I believe that it is important to acknowledge and remember your success and for you to help others do the same when it comes to their achievements, as well. For example, when you graduate high school and college, in order to celebrate and remember your huge achievement, you get a certification saying that you accomplished a certain degree, or skill set. Most people frame this and hang it on their wall, in order to remember, celebrate, and share the excitement with others.

Other achievements such as awards, retirements, huge promotions, sports wins, and more are just as important. So, why do we not receive anything for those? I believe that we should! If you think so as well, you should check out the plaques that East Point Foundry offers. Located out of East Point, Georgia, East Point Foundry was established in 1948, handcrafting high-quality craft bronze and aluminum plaques for building signs, corporate facilities, donor recognition, memorials, and more. Each hand-cast plaque is a distinctive celebration of the person or place, to help you and others remember and celebrate successes. East Point Foundry says, “Custom plaques are special. They are a big reflection of both the recipient and the giver. They tell you how important the recipient is and how honorable the giver must be.” With clients such as Georgia Tech, The University of Alabama, The U.S. Army, The City of Marietta, The National Park Service, and more, you know that East Point Foundry handcrafts a very high-quality product.

So, if you are celebrating a big accomplishment, or someone else’s accomplishment, gift yourself or others a handcrafted plaque from East Point Foundry. Go check out their website for more information and read their reviews to hear about the amazing work they have done for others. This review is one of my favorites:

“I have been working with East Point Foundry for years, and have nothing but good things to say! They respond quickly to emails/new orders, make sure that you are 100% happy with your order before processing it, and complete orders in a timely manner. Any time there has been something we weren't 100% satisfied with, they have put in the effort to correct it. I would definitely recommend this business to everyone.”

Nurture Yourself
Nurturing yourself is a great way to celebrate successes while getting yourself prepared for your next journey of accomplishing more. Once again, in the same article, Very Well Mind has great tips. They say, “Celebrate in fun ways that nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Decide to celebrate in ways that speak to you and what you enjoy most. Examples of ways to celebrate while nurturing at the same time include:
  • - Dinner party with loved ones
  • - Walk or jog in the park
  • - Watch sunrise or sunset
  • - Massage or spa treatment
  • - Game night with friends
  • - Start a new journal
  • - Go on an adventure


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