How to Stay Productive with Block Scheduling

Have you been given the opportunity to work from home for your job? It may sound like a great time being able to walk downstairs in your pajamas and get your work day from the comfort of your own home, however you do need to set some sort of a schedule to make sure you’re being productive and staying on task.

I recently found out about block scheduling to help me stay productive and it’s been an incredible change. The concept of block scheduling isn’t a new thing by any means but it’s really helpful to help me get everything and anything finished and checked off my to do list. If you work from home or even outside the home, this can be applied to all aspects. Instead of trying to attempt to get everything finished at the same time, try to concentrate on a block or a batch of the same thing. It’s actually life changing when you start to think about it. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I check to see how many things I’m really trying to gt done and really, it’s never more than one thing.

How does block scheduling actually work you ask? Simply block of any amount of time and focus on that one task or group of similar taks. When you first get down to work, have a very specific goal or task in mind that you can accomplish. Make sure to take only this one step further by separating tasks into blocks of time. This helps you think of ‘what do i need to get done next’ because you’ve already become more productive and if you start planning out accordingly what needs to get done when, you’ll be able to work your best. If getting up first thing in the morning is awful, then block your schedule to check your emails and sip a warm cup of coffee to start your day which can be either be a half hour or an hour of your time. If you need a bit more creativity to your day, block out time to schedule a getting a work out in and then starting your morning!
As someone who can get pretty overwhelmed when multiple tasks come at me at once, this really helps me focus on one thing at a time and I’m not multitasking my efficiency because I’m able to accomplish more. For instance, instead of answering all my emails on and off throughout the day, I schedule them in a specific period of time that makes sense for me. It could be maybe three times a day or even three times a week. When I focus on answering emails and only answering emails in one specific box, I’m staying on task and I know what I need to accomplish during that period of time so I feel as if I’m never wasting a second wondering what to do next or getting overwhelmed by all the emails I need to go through.
Image: iMedX
One job that allows you to at home is a medical transcriptionist. A medical transcription Medical transcription is a flexible job which means there isn’t a lot of formal requirements on becoming one other than having a high school diploma. Sometimes, education beyond a high school degree however and a certification training can make you a more competitive job candidate though. Working as medical transcriptionist, and particularly for a company in the Atlanta area called iMedX is key. iMedX was founded in 2002 and is an integrated medical document management and health information solutions company based in the Atlanta, Georgia area. It offers a full suite of high-value revenue management solutions including those that are in the medical transcription field plus coding services, result-based consultation, education, training opportunities and data analytics! If you want IMedX to focus on driving your company with positive results and success of thousands, it’s one that you can count on day in and day out to help with all your transcribing needs as well as give the flexibility to work from home and be your best productive self.

Working as a transcriptionist as far as block scheduling goes,can be as simple as working on batches of various patients forms to then working on clients transcriptionist. One day can be focused on sending all of those out to your clients in the hospitals or local doctor visits as well as scheduling out time to make sure you’re on the same page with the staff. Another day could be training and making sure you are up to date with your orientation and training. However you schedule your day that make sense for you, word of advice would be to try and get a planner to help you see everything in one location.


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