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Everyone has a unique story of pregnancy. Some women are able to carry their child to full-term, while some women have difficulty just starting the process. Though various options are on the rise for families needing assistance in conceiving, one local Georgia company is helping parents who are wishing to grow their family through the method of surrogacy.  

Family Makers Surrogacy supports all men and women regardless of their sexual orientation or marital status. Picking the right agency, fertility clinic and legal team are essential in encouraging a successful journey. Family Makers Surrogacy prides themselves on going above and beyond their role by truly connecting with their clients on a very personal level. They base their business on ethics and empathy and stay involved every step of the way.  
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The Founder and the Program Director of this company is Ashlee Hammonds. Ashlee understands the importance of offering a variety of programs to meet the various needs of her clients. She implements a thoughtful matching process and a realistic timeline for all who come through her doors. Although the agency works primarily in the greater Atlanta area, their goals are set to work throughout the United States and even abroad in the near future.

When Ashlee and her husband began trying for their first baby they never imagined how difficult it would turn out to be. When they finally announced they were expecting, Ashlee suddenly miscarried. Together they went through various IVF treatments resulting in another miscarriage and 3 more after that. Ashlee began to search for other alternatives and was put in touch with two specialists who could finally provide a solution. They confirmed that unfortunately her body would never be able to maintain a pregnancy to full-term and recommended that her best option was to use a surrogate. She spent two years researching and saving for the procedure. Despite all the hurdles, Ashlee and her husband completed their first surrogacy journey and were blessed with twins. Through her first-hand experience, Ashlee came to understand the magnitude of this process and how she could improve it for other families like her.  

Family Makers Surrogacy was built to provide Intended Parents and Surrogates a strong and reliable relationship-based service during each and every step of the surrogacy journey.
They have a carefully curated matching process to place each family with the best surrogate to fit their needs. They will never attempt to match you with someone who does not meet your qualifications. They are proud to say that more than 90% of their parents request a single embryo transfer.
If you decide to independently match, the team is still more than happy to assist where they can. Your surrogate will still be required by your fertility clinic to pass all psychological and medical screenings, so the process is really not that different from couples that use them to find their match. If a family member has agreed to be your Surrogate, they encourage you to reach out about your specific situation. Many clinics have different requirements on who they will allow to be a Surrogate if it is a family member.

Ashlee’s team can and will work with any clinic of your choosing, and almost all fertility clinics are very used to working with agencies. If you have not chosen your fertility clinic, your Case Manager will help you choose the right one for you. They never persuade anyone to consider a match with someone that may not meet their wish list so they continue to work to find the best match possible on the list that you give them after your consultation. If you are a future parent or surrogate that may be considered a difficult match due to your personal beliefs or family status, your match is out there! They believe to help you in every way possible to find the best solution possible.

Family Makers Surrogacy also works with a third party, unbiased and licensed escrow service that specializes in surrogacy. They offer direct payments and reimbursements within 2-3 business days after requested. They encourage communication between the parent and the surrogate almost immediately after they are matched to begin building a strong foundation for the long journey ahead. They make sure you have the freedom to choose your own legal counsel and have experience working with many talented legal teams throughout the country.

Lastly, Ashlee and her team understand that normal business hours aren’t readily available for all families. They ensure all case managers are accessible 7 days a week. They regularly communicate through text, email or even Facebook Messenger if that is your preference. Their goal is to be a primary safe place for both information, support and any other resources you may need.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out the friendly staff at Family Makers Surrogacy.


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