Travel With Mom For Mother’s Day with Butternut!

Canned wine really is the best friend of versatility. It doesn’t matter which grape .
There are myriad canned wines to choose from, but Butternut stands out. Butternut special is a simple, yet well balanced wine – in a can, and a bottle. Butternut literally refers to the buttery and nutty style of the wine. The company also makes Rosé, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon in can, none of which are buttery nor nutty. 
1.  You can take it with you anywhere. Butternut in a can is great for the beach, picnics, outdoor parties, and especially BYO nail salons. No tools required; you can toss it in your bag and take it anywhere. The other great thing about cans is how much lighter they are than glass, especially if you’re toting around a few other items. 
2.  It’s a smaller portion. Seeing future trends, the folks at Butternut created 375ml cans, or roughly the equivalent of 2 glasses of wine. You’re not committing to a full bottle. But if you want to commit to a full bottle, Butternut makes those, too. 
3.  It’s fashionable. The cans are simply designed and straight forward with great colors of daffodil, rose, and Bordeaux red. Not that you need to match your outfit to your wine can, but you can-can. 
4.  They are tasty and pair well with food, or on their own. You don’t need to pair this wine with food, but it is extremely versatile, and the choices allow you to enjoy Butternut in a can with everything from roasted chicken to picnic fare to pork chops on the grill. And honestly, doesn’t rosé pair with everything?


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