GoKid, Carpooling App for Parents

GoKid is a cutting edge free app for kids carpooling. Available worldwide and in use in 25 countries, GoKid has saved more than 6.5 million lbs in CO2 emissions, as well as 6+ million miles in driving. Founded by Dr. Stefanie Lemcke and Ashley Clark, GoKid works with your trusted circle of parents - not paid drivers. GoKid carpools for kids are invitation-only, so you set up carpools with other families you know and trust in our carpool planner app. The shared schedule keeps everyone up to date. GoKid also provides route optimization, by plotting the optimal route to pick up and drop off each child in the carpool, so no matter which parent is driving they know where to go. GoKid provides automatic reminders, to remind you when it's your turn to drive or when it's time to send your child out to join the carpool, as well as an in-app chat feature, so you can add notes and messages to your carpool trips to make sure every parent in the carpool is up-to-date on specifics for that drive. GoKid also has pro features which add even more value for parents and can be unlocked with a monthly or yearly subscription fee. These include in-app chat, additional notifications, Google calendar connection, ability to review past carpools, and - coming early 2020 - live tracking of the driver. With live tracking, parents can track the car's location using the GoKid app and can see if everyone made it to school, or if their kids are almost home, without needing to text or call the driving parent.


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