6 Benefits Of Tigerwood For Your Backyard Deck

When it comes to your deck in your backyard, you want to make sure you have quality wood that is going to keep things fresh, longevity and affordable pricing. There are several options to choose from but one that I want to talk about today is called Tigerwood. Tigerwood is a decking lumber that is a beautiful Brazilian hardwood which provides some of the most unique wood grain patterns that you might ever see. With its beauty that is truly a one of a kind color, it’s highly sought after for both interior and exterior options. The tigerwood is called that because of its reddish and orange background with it’s dark vein striping which gives it the same texture of what a tiger actually looks like. 
Image: Brazilian Wood Depot

This Tigerwood decking in Atlanta has several benefits as well and a number of qualities that will be sure to stand out as a great contender to get this project going. What are some of these qualities? I’ll share below!

  1. Hardness- If you’ve heard of the popular brand Ipe decking, Tigerwood is not as hard but it is extremely hard compared to any domestic hardwood. This hardness lends itself to it’s lifespan, natural weatherproof properties and it’s stability which is a huge plus for those of who live here in the Atlanta area and need something to help with through all seasonal changes! Tigerwood will also expand and contract some but very little which makes it key for it to last for years and years. 

  1. All natural - Unlike composite decking ( a combination of wood pulp and plastic that is loaded with toxic chemicals known to harm surrounding plant and animal life ) Tigerwood happens to be 100% natural. It’s ideal for repurposing, biodegradable and does not create any by products that can harm the environment. There are no plastic or chemicals just 100% real wood and something you can feel good about putting in and outside your home. 

  1. Longevity - Tigerwood is known for its ability to last many decades even with extreme weather conditions pounding on it year after year. Density and hardness plays a huge role in that. Again it’s natural water penetration and rot and decay also helps to contribute it being able to last so long. Because of the forest where it originated from, it experiences 100-400 inches of rain every year which is about 8-10 more times then what we have here in the United States. 

  1. Insect Resistance/Fire Resistant - Like other tropical hardwoods, Tigerwood are naturally insect resistant. Domestic lumber is treated with chemicals to deter wood boring insects. Tigerwood evolved in forests with insects much more proficient at wood boring than their north American counterparts. Very few insects in their natural habitats are capable of infiltrating the tough wood fibers. It also has a fire resistance which is a huge desire for many new homeowners to have. 

  1. Replacement - When it comes to picking out wood, you want one that of course has a long life span and and it’s astounding how many people fail to consider hwo board replacement can be a huge obstacle when it comes to picking out their deck. If you drop any hot contents on the deck and damages the board, you’ll have to replace it unless you have something else! When you replace a composite deck board, it’ll stand out from the others and you're left with a deck that has very obvious patchwork. Board replacement is also a common problem with prefinished and engineered wood flooring. 

  1. Costs - If you think this might be a super costly project because of all of it’s incredible benefits, you're wrong and in fact the opposite! Tigerwood is known to last about 25-75 years depending on the environmental conditions and when you consider the cost of replacing pressure treated boards, this is by far one that you’ll want that is far more cost effective. The front end cost of Tigerwood decking is generally the same as the low end composites and outperforms them in every measure. Pressure lumber is cheaper but you’ll probably need to replace them more times then you would with Tigerwood. 

Finding a quality business that not only offers this type of wood but quality customer service is available if you live in the Georgia area. Brazilain Wood Depot not only carries this particular type of Brazilian wood but offers a variety of other woods to help make this decision on what you want your deck’s shade to look like. They’ve been in this business for a number of years and their testimonies shine as one of the best businesses to work with in the Atlanta area. Not only is their quality and customer service one of the most outstanding ones I’ve seen, but they also ensure and install within a day or two, giving you the time and attention you want when putting your deck together the right way. 


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