Activities/Toys for Kids and Familes during the Pandemic

When the pandemic hit in March, 55-year-old slot car king Carrera blew through its U.S. inventory in a month as families realized they could spend quality time building their track setup, learning how to use hand controllers to operate the miniature cars, mastering the art of taking the curves at top speed without losing the cars’ grip on the track’s guide-slots, and competing against each other for braggers’ rights.

Carrera is synonymous with exciting duels, common fascination with speed and spectacular cars. For over 50 years, the brand has been inspiring generations of car and motorsport fans worldwide and brings a motorsport feeling into your own living room. For many slot car fans racing on their own racetrack is often more exciting than real motorsport events because this involves a personal victory. Here, vehicles from current racing action meet historic classics.But Carrera isn’t only in a class of its own in the field of motorsport: Carrera RC is also right at the front in the world of remote-controlled RC vehicles. No matter whether remote-controlled cars, drones, helicopters, buggies or ships – you will find corresponding leisure pleasure for your own four walls or outside here!What’s more, all Carrera RC models are "ready to run" and are equipped with lithium-ion high-performance batteries that guarantee a long running and short charging time. Modern and innovative technology ensures the models’ top quality that provides a sensation thanks to creativity and an impressive design.Hot duels on the racetrack, on the road, in the air or in your own room? No matter which area you choose: With the car racing tracks and RC models, the official Carrera online store offers an impressive selection with numerous licenses, such as Red Bull, Ferrari, Nintendo Mario Kart or Disney•Pixar cars for driving fun and immense power.


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