All About Georgia-Based Company, Criterion Technology, Inc.


Georgia-based company, Criterion Technology, Inc. is changing the path of technology for the better. While they are based out of the Atlanta, Georgia area, they 
serve twenty five countries and have thirty years of experience behind their work. Who are they?

Criterion Technology, Inc. is the industry leader of the highest quality clear component parts molded out of polycarbonate, acrylic, and an exclusive optical grade nylon. They specialize in optical injection molding in the USA and enclosures. They have vast technical knowledge, a robust commitment to R&D, and optimum on-site testing. 

“As a DNV-certified ISO-9001:2015 manufacturer, Criterion specializes in optical quality products – video security, subsea systems, LiDAR (autonomous vehicles, cloud pointmeasuring), mining and safety, and LED lighting. Criterion excels in any application that requires the optical enclosure to be as high-end as the product it is protecting. Criterion’s injection molded optical domes and enclosures provide excellent coverage and protection for high definition cameras up to the latest 4k camera technology. Criterion uses a variety of materials that offer a customizable product. From the appearance of the product to the light transmission, countless configurations are available in different colors such as, smoke tint, bronze tint, IR transmissive, and custom colors.”

Criterion Technology, Inc. has three core values: to be innovative, to engage, empower, and help others, and to exhibit personal integrity. With these values in mind, their goal is to provide customers with continuous improvements in optical performance and manufacturing processes and they aim to be the standard by which all others are measured.

The President and CEO of Criterion Technology, Inc., Chris Mulvey, began working in the video security industry in 1982. He says, “I was inspired to start my own company in 1990, with the goal of perfecting the art and technology of creating optical enclosures for the video security industry that would be first-in-class worldwide. In the 28 years Criterion has been in existence, I have worked with my team to stay ahead of the technology curve to ensure that our customers will remain competitive in the industry. My goal is to continuously meet and exceed expectations of optical performance through continuing education and training for myself and my employees to maximize their understanding and support of Criterion’s customers. My focus and passion for almost three decades has been developing new technologies to give my customers an edge over their competitors. I am proud of Criterion’s development and expansion of manufacturing technologies to become recognized worldwide as the leader in this industry.” 

With a highly professional and capable team behind him,  such as Vice President of Operations, Myra S. Boyt, Account Manager, Lori McDaniel, and Production Planning Coordinator, Lisa Harrison, the Criterion team is a group of experienced and resourceful individuals who work together to create a welcoming environment where innovation flourishes.

Some of their capabilities are:

Design & Analysis: Criterion offers customers much more than contract manufacturing. They offer design and analysis services from tool design to product verification. Their pre-built services include: assistance with tool design, predictive modeling, and material selection. During production, testing includes optical, impact, and vacuum verification depending on their customer requirements.

Thermoforming: As a faster and less expensive option compared to molding, Criterion began thermoforming optical quality domes in 1990 for the CCTV business. “Criterion’s superior technicians and custom designed optical thermoforming equipment allow for quick-turn prototypes for most optical acrylic domes or mating parts which can be assembled to optical parts or used for other applications.”

Injection Molding: Criterion Technology, Inc. started doing injection molding work, which includes the same high standards for optical and cosmetic quality that applied to thermoforming. Acrylic, polycarbonate, and nylon products are injection molded using state of the art molding machines that are used by highly skilled operators who are trained to specifically mold optical grade products.

Surface Finishes: When it comes to surface finished, Criterion is well-versed in vacuum metallizing, paint, hard coat, and electrostatic discharge. Other coatings are also available through Criterion’s partners (for example: reflective/anti-reflective and ITO conductive coatings).

Turnkey Assemblies: From pad printing to laser welding, ultrasonic welding, and more, Criterion Technology, Inc. offers so much for their clients when it comes to turnkey assemblies. These capabilities provide a cost reduction for customers by reducing the number of SKU’s in their system and decreasing the rejects from their internal assembly process. “Criterion is proud to offer several, unique assembly methods that meet IK-10+, IP66, IP54, NEMA 4 and other environmental requirements.”

As you can see, Criterion Technology, Inc. is setting the standard for technology and manufacturing that is 100% USA made. They are reliable, extremely knowledgeable, and very professional when it comes to handling customers. They are forward-thinkers and understand the challenges that come with security cameras. That being said, I truly believe that this Georgia-based company is a world leader when it comes to security.


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